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Fair Chance Hiring

LaunchCode is a nonprofit organization partnering with over 300 companies nationwide to offer paid apprenticeships for aspiring developers and technologists. LaunchCode currently has offices in St. Louis and South Florida and places apprentices in 10 different states. LaunchCode places tech apprentices at more than 300 companies nationwide. The average salary increase for a previously-employed LaunchCode apprentice is 235%. President Obama highlighted LaunchCode’s innovative apprenticeship and job-placement program as a national model for bridging the talent gap as part of the White House TechHire initiative.  See more about Data 360's work with LaunchCode here.

Data 360 and the Mayor's Office of Economic Opportunity are looking to collaborate with you with your personal passion and professional expertise to advise, volunteer, mentor and sponsor the Fair Chance Hiring platform.

The platform is hosted on the Domo platform and provide key insights into how to best help candidates cross the finish line and find  sustainable long-term careers in corporate careers.

View the letter from Mayor Eric Garcetti about the Fair Chance employer toolkit.  Learn more about the Fair Chance employer toolkit here.

The Los Angeles City Council approved an ordinance to give a “fair chance” to job applicants, barring employers from asking about criminal records during the initial stages of the recruitment process. The ordinance was approved by the council on December 7, 2016 by a 13-1 vote. Mayor Eric Garcetti signed the ordinance into law on December 9, 2016.  See more at:

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Training Programs

Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles signs Fair Chance initiative into law on 12/9/2016

The FreshStart Bootcamp is a free 20 hour course that covers all fundamentals of learning computer science.  Trainees learn about computational thinking, algorithms, functions, conditionals, abstraction, relay programming and the internet.  Non-profit partners ensure that candidates are job ready to participate in internships in companies.  The program is for trainees from ages 16 to 60 who are just starting or remedial in learning computer science.  See more about the locations for Freshstart here.

City of Los Angeles and Root and Rebound release the Fair Chance Employer Toolkit for the California Business Community 09/22/2016

Become an Adviser

Be a part of our advisory board and guide the vision of the implementation of Fair Chance hiring in Los Angeles

Volunteer and/or Mentor

How Can You Help?

Volunteer and mentor to help Fair Chance candidates get up to speed and learn how to best overcome their challenges in developing a career.


Help fund the 2 year budget of the Fair Chance hiring platform and programming (choose the entire program, computer training programs at one or more sites, computer training events, or job training).

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Candidates are managed with the following processes and data:

Step - Candidates receive evaluation from Wonderlic

Candidates work with volunteers and mentors

to find internship and apprenticeships 

Candidates are evaluated via the Wonderlic system


Step - Candidates Work on Key Areas for Improvement

Candidates on the Fair Chance Platform

Candidates are advised by an employment developer



Step - Referrals provided to resources on the LA Geohub

Non-profits and government agencies access the Geohub for needed referrals


Step - Supervision by a Volunteer and/or Mentor

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